Meet Emmo

Energy Efficiency and Customer Engagement Through Behavioral Change

Energy Mass Monitor (EMMO) is an online program for energy efficiency and customer engagement. EMMO’s goal is to raise end-customers’ awareness for sustainability and energy efficiency using educational content and gamification. For utility companies, EMMO provides compliance with EU regulations, generation of energy efficient savings, increased competitiveness and ultimately happier customers.


The utility of the future looks more like a digital service provider and includes cloud, social media, mobile apps and data analytics.

Future Proof

Meet Consumer Expectations

Consumer expectations are rapidly changing in the digital revolution world we live in. They are informed efficient and always on the go. Now, more than ever, consumers are presented with wealth of services and they are extremely selective of their service providers. Make their choice of energy provider a no-brainer. From single bill payers, through engaged producers of energy to large communities which not only produce for themselves, but also trade amongst them - EMMO has a lot to offer.


Delight Your Customers



At its core EMMO is designed to promote energy efficient behavior. Through built-in gamification features, EMMO educates utility customers how to take smart decisions about their energy consumption.


Making senses of the monthly electricity bill can be challenging for every customer. EMMO gathers, analyzes and visualizes data to transform it into easy to understand information. It compares utility customers to their neighbors and top energy efficient customers and provides personalized tips on achieving even higher energy efficiency.


EMMO is built for the future. As the market evolves, so are the demands and expectation of your customers. EMMO lets utilities better engage and retain customers by allowing you to offer loyalty rewards programs, flexible tariff plans or even pre-paid discount packages. All of which leads to additional revenue streams while increasing customer satisfaction.


EMMO places a human face to utility companies. Through personalized communication, which goes beyond the monthly bill, customers will feel that you understand their usage and needs. Further engage your customers by making them part of renewable or sustainable energy efficiency initiatives and really have a channel to communicate your CSR activities.